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Conquest Capital Group LLC can help you find the best hard money Sources for your Non-Owner-Occupied Real Estate Investment Projects. Loans can be made both to U.S. and Non-U.S. Nationals. Easy Qualifying- Bad Credit is no problem. Property in any Condition Considered. Flexible Payment Options and Fast Closings. Rates Starting as low as 8% with a minimum of 25% required down payment.

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Conquest Capital Group LLC

Conquest Capital Group LLC’s can help you find flexible real estate financing options with rates that start as low as 8%. Many of our Lenders don’t require Tax Returns. Our clients benefit from zero prepayment penalties, fair rates, and personalized services. Closings can be as Fast as 7 to 10 Days, proficient and easy. Our personal service will make raising money stress free because loans fund quickly and offer competitive rates and terms. Don’t wait another minute and make your investment in Real Estate Now with our Help! APPLY

Is a Hard Money Loan Right for You?

HA Hard Money Loan can help you in taking your first step in Real Estate investment opportunities. If you are a new Real Estate investor than using these loans can help you purchase property with limited cash on hand-even if the amount is small. This will allow you to limit your risk on the investment. Once you become an established investor, you can then easily secure financial assistance from big banks for your future transactions. We are here to assist you in becoming a successful experienced investor. We work with both Seasoned Investors and First Time Investors. We are also experienced Real Estate Investors and understand your needs.

The Conquest Capital Group LLC Difference

Speedy approvals. The approval of a traditional loan can take a month or more. With help from our hard money lenders you can secure a pre-approval within a day or two (or even as fast as minutes) if all the requirements are met.

Credit history is not important to most of our Lenders. Large Lending institutions are difficult with investors who have bad credit histories. Our Lenders are NOT! Also, unlike banks our Sources require little documentation.

A Bad credit history won’t affect your loan application with our lenders. Approvals on most loans are based on borrower equity and property value instead of a Great Credit History. If you meet the criteria, you have a good chance of receiving an approval.

Zero prepayment penalties. Bank loans usually subject applicants to prepayment penalties, should they pay before the maturation date. Our Flipping and Rehab hard loan lenders do not subject you to a pre-payment penalty. Clients who wish to finish all payments before their due dates are free to do so.

Flexible payment terms. Our Lenders offer Payment Terms that are Flexible to suit your needs. You will find a Plan that suits your needs.

Loan applicants and prospective property owners may call us at 800-320-9346. We’ll be happy to discuss our services.

The primary advantages of asset-based products:

Conquest Capital Group LLC specializes finding the best Private Lenders for equity-based Commercial first mortgages to investors. The qualifying process focuses on the equity in the property only and not by personally qualifying you. With Most of our Lending Sources your Credit will not be the determining factor!

Every deal is analyzed on a case-by-case basis and approvals are based on the condition and location of the property and the investor’s needs.
We can help you Nationwide and we are here to serve your investment borrowing needs. We only deal in non-owner occupied residential or commercial property.

Our Lenders can close quickly and hassle-free. Loans are structured as follows.

  • Rates starting at: 8%

1 to 30 year term, which is extendable if the loan is in good standing.

  • Maximum Loan To Value 75%
  • No Income Verification
  • No Application Fees
  • Forgeign Nationals OK
  • Bad credit NOT a Problem
  • Tax Returns Not Required
  • Quick Closings

Why Choose Conquest Capital Group LLC?

Fast Approvals

Unlike Traditional Lenders our Lenders can give you a Loan Approval Commitment in minutes not weeks or months and in some cases the whole process from initial approval to closing can happen in less than two weeks. This is a huge advantage to an Investor.

Property Condition Does Not Matter

You can borrow on properties in any condition. It does not matter if the property is habitable or non-habitable. Banks often will not lend on a property that is not habitable and properties that they lend on must pass inspection. Banks often don’t lend on multiple properties, but our Sources do.

Investor Services

We can assist you in many ways, we are also property Investors and have a lot of experience when it comes to buying and selling property. Our Lenders offer written approvals and proof of funds letters too. Having people who understand your business is imperative.

No Transaction Limits or Minimums

The possibilities are endless. Terms are very competitive. Short-term loans are typically one to two years in length, which may be extended indefinitely as long as the loan is in good standing. We also have Lenders that will lend on Income Property on a long-term basis. Our Lenders charge no up-front points or origination fees, resulting in substantial transactional savings for the investor.

Types of acceptable Properties

Our funding is aimed primarily at single-family homes, Multi Income Units, and most other types of commercial properties.

Terms and Conditions

Our Lenders have several loan products structured to address either long or short-term needs. For longer term needs on rental properties for example, longer term loans are offered. For fix and flip projects, there are options with no points up front keeping your out of pocket expenses minimal.